BCN Portfolio

Information about me.


My name is Brittlyn Nutter, and this is my portfolio page. I am working towards an online journalism major with a minor in psychology. As I am finishing up with school, I will be looking for potential employment.

I love to take pictures, I can work with premier and Photoshop if necessary. I love to be with family and friends during my spare time. I enjoy reading, gaming, writing, and more. As far as work goes, I am persistent and continually working towards a higher goal to make my work better.

I am willing to work with others who may have different views, and I will work with those who have similar views. I am a relaxed and calm person, although at first I may not be as talkative, because I am a person who is also working on coming out of there shell slowly but surely. I am willing to work hard at whatever opportunities that happen to present themselves.

Author: Be Nuts For Books

I love to read and I am always looking for new books to dive into. I also love to play games, write, draw and paint in my free time.

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